Sass & Bide Fall 2010

Firstly, before I start  I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on my blog so far. This is my fourth post and I have no idea what I’m doing to be honest, so it’s really encouraging to read your lovely comments, so thank you! :)

On to Sass & Bide!
Their Fall 2010 collection entitled “Tomorrow the Great” was shown at London Fashion Week in February.
I know, old news in the blogging world!
However, I couldn’t pass up drawing one of their looks since they are one of my favourite design duos.
(My other favourites being Rodarte and Viktor & Rolf).
So here was the first look of their collection…

I love backstage photos more than runway photos to be honest. They always seem more natural!
Is it just me or do you find models tense their faces too much on the runway?
If I were doing a runway show, it would probably be similar to Anna Sui’s. Her models always look happy, relaxed and full of life!


10 Responses to “Sass & Bide Fall 2010”
  1. agdame says:

    >thank u for your comment! I´m so happy that you got my passion!! :)I love your work I think that the gray body is great ´cause makes the clothes the real focus point… I also love the use of details it makes the sketch more rich!!! good 4 you!!!Hope u still follow my work and comment itxOxo,aGdame

  2. >I totally love Sass & Bide their stuff is amazing and so fresh and different great post and your drawing is awesome new follower xoxo

  3. >I seriously need to invest in a dark purple lipstick xxx

  4. Meg says:

    >Thanks guys! I know, isn't their styling great! oh & thanks for following me :)xoxo

  5. >OH. MY GOD!!!You had me at Sass & Bide. OK, I popped over here because you commented on my blog (thanks for that!), and the first post I see is about my FAVE Aussie designers. I became obsessed with them when I lived there. And I haven't seen these images yet, and hardly any bloggers in the States know S&B or write about them. So let's just say I ADORE you honey, and I'm following you every way I can! ♥ V

  6. >Oh, and duh…your drawing is amazing!♥ V

  7. Meg says:

    >Thank you Grit and Glamour! Hardly any of my friends have heard of Sass & Bide either & thank you so much for following your so sweet! :)& Pheobe Rose, I know, they're amazing aren't they! I need to get me a pair! lol

  8. Veshoevius says:

    >Such gorgeous drawings! I love this Sass and Bide trousers! Going to look up this collection now. Lovely blog!

  9. Meg says:

    >Thanks Veshoevius!It's such a stunning collection, you should definitely check it out! :)xoxo

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