Willow Spring 2011

NY Fashion Week is upon us at last! I am very jealous of everyone who is able to be in New York right now, especially my friend from college who is dressing for the shows! I am however, not jealous at the same time as I am not a big fan of crowds, and a frantic fashions who’s who of crowds is even more of a frightening thought to be stuck within! Being across the other side of the world on my computer isn’t stopping me from getting involved though. I have been watching the IFB conference online (which has been very interesting!) and reading updates avidly as they pop up around the blogosphere! My favourite talk so far has been from blogger Gala Darling, who was very witty and raised a lot of solid points… Be bold, authentic, brave, honest, consistent, original and most importantly to be true to yourself! Very wise words! IFB have written up a full page transcript of her talk if you want to read it here

So logging onto style.com this aftenoon I noticed a Spring/Summer 2011 collection had been uploaded by an up-and-coming Aussie designer Kit Willow. Really love her colour palette with a little pop of yellow, the patterns, the draping, the shoes…pretty much everything from these looks! Very much looking forward to seeing a lot more of this designer in the future!
And of course I have done a drawing of my favourite look.


photos: style.com

With all this blogger talk, I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you all about what you think of my blog? Is there any particular subject matter you prefer?  Do you want to see anything else in particular from me? Anything you think I could approve upon?
Would be greatly appreciated! :)
Also what do you think of the IFB conference if you’re watching it?
Lots of Love

10 Responses to “Willow Spring 2011”
  1. sacramento says:

    >I preffer your drawing to the photo.About your blog, in my opinion, the subject should come from you, from things you want to tell us, more that what we want to hear. It will keep real as long as it comes from your heart.

  2. Eve says:

    >Hi Meg!:) nice painting:)It´s quite funny, we had almost the same experience with fashion weeks:)Prague´s fashion week took place this last weekend. I wanted to go there so bad, but then I realized how narrow prague streets are and with thousands of rezidents, tourists and media a just gave up. But on the other hand I was bit angry with myself, because I let my prejudices diceded for me and I am bit regrating now I wasn´t there – stuck in the hungry crowd and enjoying the precious moment. (This show was one of a kind). So next time I won´t be missing. No fear or anything else will hold me back. And you should go for the fashion show as well;) PS: thanks for IFB – she has really good tips;)Have a wonderful day lady!:)

  3. Meg says:

    >Thanks sacramento! Don't worry I will always keep it true to who I am!! :)And Thanks Eve! Prague sounds amazing it's a shame you decided not to go! I have to get past my fears too and not let them determine what I do and don't do, and hopefully you won't either and go to those shows in the future! Though I'm sure if someone turned round to me and offered to pay for a plane ticket to NY and to a show I would go in a heartbeat! Glad you like the IFB link, it was really inspiring listening to her talk! Have a wonderful day yourself! :)

  4. >Your drawing's are always so beautiful. Fab collection and how amazing are those boots.I think the content of you blog is fine I really enjoy your drawings xoxo

  5. >I totally loved Gala's presentation, and swooon…Willow is one of my fave Aussie lines! I agree with a commenter above…your version of that dress is even more gorgeous!♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.com

  6. >I agree with everyone, your interpretation is much more beautiful (even though the pics are nice too!). I love it when bloggers dont fit into a mold so props to the lady!

  7. Abi says:

    >Great illustration!I love her designs. She makes neutral colours anything but bland by playing with structure, form and details. Love it!stylebouquet.blogspot.com

  8. sacramento says:

    >I miss your posts and drawings.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. Meg says:

    >Aww thanks guys!!! Your comments always make me smile!! :)Sorry I've been M.I.A in the blogging world but will post soon with great news I promise!!! xoxo

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