This week I thought I’d do something different and post an illustration of my own design. Sometimes when I’m in my shop and it’s quiet i’ll whip out my sketching pad and just draw. I usually like to design things, especially if I see or think of anything that inspires me. There is a … Continue reading

Emilio Pucci & Greece

I don’t know whether you have been able to tell or not, but I am a massive fan of a good grecian style/draped maxi dress. I am also a lover of chiffon, especially patterned chiffon. Now cut away some of the bodice and here you have the second look from Emilio Pucci’s Spring collection. Although … Continue reading

J’adore Dior

I am soooo excited to post this!! Today it was sooo unbelievably boring at the cafe as it was a Sunday and completely miserable weather outside! I think about 3 people in total must have come in, so when we shut at 4pm I couldn’t wait to get home earliesh for a change! I knew … Continue reading

Stunning Style

It was my day off today (Saturday) so I went off through the blogosphere and to one of my favourite style blogs, Style of a Fashionista. I had missed reading Giselle’s blog recently due to my working hours. So when I enthusiastically scrolled through all the posts that I had missed and came across photos of … Continue reading