Stunning Style

It was my day off today (Saturday) so I went off through the blogosphere and to one of my favourite style blogs, Style of a Fashionista.
I had missed reading Giselle’s blog recently due to my working hours. So when I enthusiastically scrolled through all the posts that I had missed and came across photos of her looking stunning at her sister’s wedding, I knew I had to draw it! If you want to check out the original post  click here.
I mean, how amazing is that dress! It’s so elegant and was so much fun to draw!
I hope you like it!
I’ve been thinking lately of how I used to take time for granted and in particular the time to draw or paint or do anything that interested me. I had it in abundance and never realised how precious that time is. Now that I don’t seem to have enough of it, I yearn so much to have a whole weekend or just a day to sit and paint and relax. That’s all I want to do!
Off to bed now! I am sooooooo tired zzzzzzzz
Night night!
Lots of Love & Hugs
11 Responses to “Stunning Style”
  1. Ife' says:

    >you're so talented! thanks to V for introducing me to your blog! :)

  2. Meg says:

    >Thanks Ife! It's nice to meet you! :)& thanks to V of course!

  3. >Wow hun it is amazing thank you so much I will sooooo be doing a post about this tomorrow I am so honoured and this is my all time favorite dress too and you are mega talented. Thank you once again xoxo

  4. Maria says:

    >Wow, just found your blog and…i think…i think i'm in love!GREAT blog!

  5. Meg says:

    >You are very much welcome Giselle! It's my favourite dress of yours too!! Love it! & Maria I am so glad you like my blog, thank you! :)

  6. sacramento says:

    >Sooooooooooooooooooooo wondeful. You already know what i think of you and your art…I have already seen your drawing in Grit& Glamour´s blog morning coffee.Un abrazo fuerte y mil besos.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. >Very cute. I know what you mean about not having the time to draw! It seems to take me forever to get one little illustration done. The good news is that now I really appreciate them.

  8. Tugba says:

    >U r sooo talented :) i loved the way u draw here :) gorgeous. I started my blog in april and i still dont have a header. Would you be interested to draw one of my pics so i could use it as header :) i could post about it on my blog or if you want something else in exchange let me know. Im going to follow u as ur blog is great :)

  9. Meg says:

    >Sacramento – as always I am glad you liked it! I love how loyal you are to me, I really appreciate it :) And was so surprised to see it featured on Grit & Glamour just hours later! Heather – It seems to take me forever too at the moment. I'm finding it easier though to find inspiration in things though which is really liberating. I guess I'm not forcing myself to get inspired as I used to at school! Tugba – It's nice to meet you :) And thank you for the compliments! I shall drop you an email soon as I would love to draw a beautiful header for your blog! I have weekends free now so I will have time for these things yay! speak to you soon!

  10. >It´s absolutely amazing, so beautifully done! I love Giselle, and now I love you too… ;-DHave to follow you! ;-)BIG HUGfromHanneA Shopaholic is loose… ;0)

  11. Shopgirl says:

    >Just come to your blog from Style of a Fashionista. This illustration is amazing! You are very talented.

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