J’adore Dior

I am soooo excited to post this!! Today it was sooo unbelievably boring at the cafe as it was a Sunday and completely miserable weather outside! I think about 3 people in total must have come in, so when we shut at 4pm I couldn’t wait to get home earliesh for a change! I knew exactly which drawing to do next!
It has taken me since about 5.30pm (it’s now 10pm) from start to finish to do this drawing (with pizza and the antiques roadshow in between! haha).
It’s something completely different to what I usually do, in a way, but I think it’s very much me!
When I saw this outfit from Dior’s Spring collection my jaw literally dropped…..I LOVE cat-eye sunglasses so I am glad they will be around again next summer!
The colours altogether work so well too, the pop of bright red with the clashing (but gorgeously so) purple and lime. Her 40’s haircut is so beautiful too! I am just so in love – it’s a very upbeat, joyous, celebratory collection which is nice and refreshing after all the doom and gloom recently.
I also wouldn’t mind having one of those sailor hats too! ;)
I don’t usually post the photo of the designer, but John Galliano’s outfit is just too good to leave out!
He is looking very sharp!
Photos: Style.com

All of a sudden the weather has dropped and it is absolutely freezing in Jersey at night at the moment! I am so not built for the cold!!! Currently, I have about 3 layers on and my feet are still ice cold!
So I think it’s time for bed again – but I shall be back soon as I have started another spring/summer outfit drawing! Maybe I should go back to the Fall collections so that I feel warmer? haha
Lots of Love
P.S I am also toying with the idea of putting some of my art into print to possibly sell…what do you think??
14 Responses to “J’adore Dior”
  1. >I think you should so put you drawings into print I would defo buy one I have a dressing room to decorate soon and what better than to have a fashion related print and I am sure someone in Jersey would stock them or you could sell them from you cafe loads of cafes sell local art here.Love this drawing you really captured the dior collection and how amazing does John Galliano look xoxo

  2. sacramento says:

    >I think you are beyond good. You always amazed me..Wowww. This one is even better than the ones before. To say that love it is an understatement.You are brilliant!!!it is also cooling down here 22ºc, thank god!!!!I am built for the autumn, my ideal kind of weather:warm during the day, cool at night.Abrazos y mil besos XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. >Looks great! Lovely blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?xoxohttp://theonlyfashionprincess.blogspot.com

  4. Meg says:

    >Giselle – Thank you hun! That's really encouraging to me to know that people would actually buy my drawings :) I shall be looking into getting them made into prints then! My mum also said the same thing about selling some in our cafe! We have a spare wall which we haven't decided to put anything on yet so might have to give that idea a go!!Sacramento – I love to surprise you all. It's what makes it fun!! :) Your 'cool' was my summer!! haha I am jealous as that temperature is probably perfect! In Jersey it's about 11/13ºc but very windy so probably colder!! brrrr! I do love autumn though – I love the colours of the leaves and wearing snuggly jumpers and sitting in front of a cosy fire :)Theonlyfashionprincess – Thank you for stopping by!! Will be checking out your blog very soon :)

  5. iUnderEye says:

    >this drawing is AMAZING. You have such a gifted talent and you should definitely nurture it and channel it into something productive. Do you charge for images, would love you to do one of me?xxiUNDEREYE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  6. >Great drawing! I know that "I need to draw" feeling. And I think it would be a great idea to sell your paintings at your cafe, I mean why not? You have nothing to loose.

  7. >Your drawing is just so fantastic!! You are so talented and this Dior collection was amazing!! :)SrahD

  8. >That drawing is incredible!!! Your blog is so lovely. im now following :) xo

  9. Amie K says:

    >I'm a new follower, hi! I love your blog, your illustrations are gorgeous! xoxoAmiewww.creditcrunchchic.blogspot.com

  10. >you are so talented! i love your drawing and i think you captured her brilliantly while still retaining your personal drawing style. =) Vogue Gone Rogue

  11. >Damn, you´re good! Almost looks better than the model in real life! ;-DHugs fromA Shopaholic is loosehttp://ashopaholicisloose.blogspot.com

  12. Meg says:

    >Thank you iUnderEye, Heather, Sarah, Amie, Kristy & A Shopaholic is Loose! This is my favourite drawing so far, so i'm glad it's getting a good response from you all! I think I may get it printed and sell it in my cafe! :)xoxoMeg

  13. Mon Cheri says:

    >wooooo you are SOOO talented. This is amazing ! you should defs sell this!I also love the drawing you did for 'style of a fashionista'Keep it up girl !Cheri, xxx

  14. Meg says:

    >Thank you Cheri :)

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