Emilio Pucci & Greece

I don’t know whether you have been able to tell or not, but I am a massive fan of a good grecian style/draped maxi dress. I am also a lover of chiffon, especially patterned chiffon. Now cut away some of the bodice and here you have the second look from Emilio Pucci’s Spring collection. Although this dress lacks the kind of drapery I long for, it more than makes up for in detail! It almost reminds me of a mosaic mirror or something pretty like that! The gorgeous, patterned chiffon compliments the top so well too!
And who could forget those boots!!! Amazing! 

I went for a softer look in my drawing this time. I thought that was appropriate to get that etherial look!
Hope you enjoy!


I think Peter Dundas did a great job. The Greek shirt he is wearing was actually the starting point of the whole collection and it certainly shows I think!
Thinking about it, my love of grecian style dress probably started when I was about 8 years old. I remember studying Ancient Greece in my 3rd or 4th year of Primary School and admiring the Greek Goddesses. We were all assigned a person/object to draw and coincidentally mine was Venus – The Greek Goddess of Love. There was something about her that was so fascinating and has stuck with me ever since and has resonated throughout most of my work for school and college.
My all time favourite painting “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, dipicts the goddess Venus emerging from the sea as a full grown woman.  I hope to one day have a copy or some sort of version of this painting in my house!
I have literally just realised this, but, the models that I have drawn in the past, look in exactly the same direction and with the same head tilt as Venus!! How very strange!!
Anywayyy …..
I will have to love you and leave you now.
I am soo completely shattered!!!
I thought this weekend I would have some time to do some more creative projects for the cafe but have just been asked to bake cupcakes for a christening tomorrow (which I am gladly doing because I love decorating cupcakes!)
Hope you have an amazing weekend! :)
Lots of Love
7 Responses to “Emilio Pucci & Greece”
  1. sacramento says:

    >You can even feel the texture of the material in your drawing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it is so beautiful. Çhave you got any orders for your paintings yet????I am off to a wedding soon. it will be my firts time out after the operation, so looking forward to it.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Meg says:

    >Thank you! :) I have indeed, I am so excited to be doing them! I'm going to look into getting some printed and put them on etsy soon! Aw hope all goes well at the wedding!!xoxoMeg

  3. >freakin' PHENOMENAL illustration. and i love the grecian style too!! i'm sure it helps that i'm greek, but i really adored and appreciated emilio pucci's fabulous greek references in this most recent collection. you are so talented girl! always love coming here and seeing your creativity. =)Vogue Gone Rogue

  4. >Nice illustration Meg! Keep it up. The more you do the easier and faster it will be. I just love the long ruffly dress with the high boots.

  5. >Beautiful! I'm so crazy about the looks in that collection too…dying for the gauzy dresses and OTK boots! Also, one wee sidebar note…Venus is the Goddess of Love in Italian mythology. The Greek equivalent is Aphrodite. That Botticelli painting is one of may all-time faves!♥ V http://www.gritandglamour.comtwitter: @gritandglamour

  6. Meg says:

    >Thank you Kristy, Heather & V! :) Oops my bad, my teacher told us that she was called venus, I guess when you're small they just try to dumb things down so kids understand which they shouldn't really do if it's wrong eh!

  7. iceberg says:

    >Great illustration!I love the details and the face expression. Perfect choice of outfit to be illustrated! (:

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