This week I thought I’d do something different and post an illustration of my own design. Sometimes when I’m in my shop and it’s quiet i’ll whip out my sketching pad and just draw. I usually like to design things, especially if I see or think of anything that inspires me. There is a competition held each year in Jersey called the Textile Showcase, and each year there is a theme. This year, or rather next year since it’s held in March 2011, the theme is ‘Festival of the Sea’. So, I was randomly browsing through photos on my phone and came across one that I’d taken of a sea anemone last summer at the Aquarium in St. Malo, France.
My photo is a dodgy, blurry phone one, but I remembered how amazing and interesting they looked so I went and found a good one from my trusty friend google. I found this photo here, not sure who it’s by but I love the colours!
Usually local and UK textile artists/students will enter in wall hangings, quilts, head pieces and jewellery. Not many people enter ‘wearable art’ which I think I will be doing! I am going to have to work mega hard though to get something done between now and March! I’ll probably keep you updated on that!
I have a few exciting updates about the shop which I talk about soon too!
Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!
Lots of Love
8 Responses to “Original”
  1. sacramento says:

    >I was missing you a lot by now. I thought that you might be busy taking orders for your painting, coming Cxmas an all.Did you take part in the competition of Sea of Shoes?????I do believe that you are a marvelous artist, and mustn´t stop painting.Are you enjoying the coffee shop????Un abrazo y mil besos guapa.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Meg says:

    >Aww thanks! :) I did indeed take part in her competition, I entered in the drawing from my last post! It's on her flickr page which is pretty cool! I'm enjoying the shop, it's going well so my mum is thrilled! I will tell more in my next post ;) Best Wishes! xoxoMeg

  3. >OH hun love this and it is very original I also totally love the Pucci drawing from the previous post you captured that dress perfectly and those Pucci boots are awesome cant wait to see more xoxo

  4. >Love it…can't wait to hear your news!♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.comtwitter: @gritandglamour

  5. Meg says:

    >Thank you ladies!! :) & I can't wait to tell you V – I promise I will soon!xoxoMeg

  6. >Stunning as always! Your work is always so original, love it.Thanks for your comment xo

  7. >Oh I can really see it. Nice design. I think I'd like to wear it in real life!

  8. >i LOVE this design. goodluck on getting something finished for march!! i think you'll do great!thank you for your support in the contest darling!Vogue Gone Rogue

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