Sunday Treats

This Sunday I have a few updates and some scrumptious treats for your lovely eyes! As I had said in this previous post, I am working with my best friend to create a website for the cafe! I am so excited to start because the ideas floating around at the moment are amazing! Her vision … Continue reading

Holly Fulton Spring 2011

When I first saw this look from Holly Fulton’s Spring 2011 collection I knew straight away that it would be my favourite of them all. I had started this drawing as soon after the collection hit the runway, but then came the cafe and I had completely forgotten about it till today! At first, I didn’t … Continue reading

Falling Beautifully

Autumn is my favourite season, along with spring. They are the seasons of change, leaves change colour and fall like confetti and flowers bloom painting the countryside with colour. I haven’t had much time to really get out and take photographs but I thought I would post some of my favourite Autumn photos that I … Continue reading


Today, it’s Remembrance Sunday in the UK. I thought I would pay respect for those who fought and still fight for their country in wars all over the world. I know it’s just a drawing and won’t ever match up to their courage and all they have sacrificed, but it’s something to show my appreciation. … Continue reading

Under The Sea

Wow 2 posts in one day! I really couldn’t keep this from you for much longer though. As I’ve told you, I’m currently designing for a competition I’m going to enter in March. So when I’ve had the time, I’ve been sketching ideas and have translated those into illustrations so that I can define the … Continue reading