Today, it’s Remembrance Sunday in the UK. I thought I would pay respect for those who fought and still fight for their country in wars all over the world. I know it’s just a drawing and won’t ever match up to their courage and all they have sacrificed, but it’s something to show my appreciation.
If it wasn’t for Britain and their Allies, Jersey would be a very, very different place! Both of my Grandfathers (who I never got to meet) fought in the Second World War, so this is for them too.
I will always remember Armistice Day in Primary school. At 11am we would all be in the school hall, listening to the radio as Big Ben rang in London for the 2 minute silence.
Lots of Love
7 Responses to “Remembrance”
  1. sacramento says:

    >Every piece of your art work leaves me speeless.I love tha poppy. And your thoughts are so kind.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. >Beautiful post and very fitting for today xoxo

  3. >Hi Meg thanks for your comment the chair is a Philip Stark Ghost chair I got it from a local furniture store. xoxo

  4. brookemeagan says:

    >Ooh this is so lovely. Such a beautiful post. I remember in Elementary and Middle school we would all be asked to draw poppies for Rememberance Day but mine never came close to this. Every flower that I draw looks the same ha! You have such a talent. xx

  5. Meg says:

    >Thank you, I wanted it to be fitting for the occasion :) It's not as brilliant as I wanted, but I wanted to post something for yesterday lol i'm glad you like it though! xoxo

  6. >Absolutely stunning!! You should be exposing your art in a gallery miss :) xoxo

  7. >Love your poppy! Keep painting. You're just getting better and better.

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