Holly Fulton Spring 2011

When I first saw this look from Holly Fulton’s Spring 2011 collection I knew straight away that it would be my favourite of them all. I had started this drawing as soon after the collection hit the runway, but then came the cafe and I had completely forgotten about it till today!
At first, I didn’t even realise from photos on style.com that they were in fact palazzo pants, until I watched the runway video!  For some reason all shades of yellow, especially this mustard colour, are a complete hit with me for next spring (and this season mixed with earthy tones). I never wear yellow as  I have super pale skin and it drowns me out completely, but I think I could possibly get away with wearing this shade?
Her prints are absolutely stunning. My favourite is the broken cityscape but the tribal-esque ones are equally as stunning. Also how amazing are her accessories!? Especially those chunky necklaces, they totally complete the looks. And with the hair referencing Brigitte Bardot, her collection is right up my street!

“For SS11 the Fulton ladies are on tour. Taking Joan Collins as their muse, they have decided on a cruise to escape the tedium of the city and stop off in the chicest resorts de jour en route. Naturally they must look their best at all times so an extensive wardrobe is required to accommodate the heat and hedonism of Monaco, Egypt, Brazil, Hollywood…

Fancying themselves as latter day starlets a la Bardot, the look is rooted in 1960s cruise wear reworked for the modern woman; a sense of contemporary, relaxed luxury is key. “


You wouldn’t think that she had only graduated in 2007! I have a feeling this lady is going to absolutely rock the fashion world in the future and I will certainly be watching for more…
Hope you enjoy what’s left of your weekend! It’s gone way too quick for my liking! :(
Lots of Love

9 Responses to “Holly Fulton Spring 2011”
  1. >ohh to have lots of money this is a truly stunning collection and those prints are amazing and the colours are so striking. Another stunning drawing by yourself. I need those pants so badly xoxo

  2. sacramento says:

    >Fantastic drawing, as ever.You are such an unique artist.Un abrazo siempre and do not stop drawing ok????XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. >your drawing style is so cool. i really adore it. and all the pictures you chose from her collection are amazing. i can totally see why they inspired you to draw. =) Vogue Gone Rogue

  4. brookemeagan says:

    >I absolutely adore your drawing style. There's something so special and unique about it. I know I've said it before, but you really are so talented. The way you recreate an image is spectaular.I love this collection. The prints are divine. I'm super pale too but still wear mustard on occasion. I love the colour too much to deny myself of it! I think you would rock it doll. xx

  5. >How many times will I say this? You are an amazing artist! I love the contrast of mustard and yellow, there is something funky about it. xoxo

  6. >That collection is HOT! Indeed hard to believe it's not from a seasoned designer. Had never heard of her, but I'm a fan now. And of course, your sketch is just lovely. ♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.comtwitter: @gritandglamour

  7. >In a purse, darling, anyone can wear yellow. I too am seeing yellow all around, and I would love a yellow purse.Thanks for the inspirational collection! Your drawing is fab!Love,Heather http://heatherfonseca.com/

  8. Meg says:

    >Thank you everyone, i really appreciate your comments!! :) I am looking into getting a comment format that will let me reply to everyone individually!! xoxo

  9. >Hello dear fellow artist,I saw one of your drawings on another fashion blog and just had to get over and see more! Your art is amazing. I equally fall for he lovely idea of running a cafe and decorating cupcakes on Jersey Island. I have yet to visit… I'm living in Paris and it is on my list!

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