Sunday Treats

This Sunday I have a few updates and some scrumptious treats for your lovely eyes!
As I had said in this previous post, I am working with my best friend to create a website for the cafe! I am so excited to start because the ideas floating around at the moment are amazing! Her vision is to have the outside of the shop as a ‘welcome’ page, then clicking on the door will enter you into the inside of the shop (which will be completely identical to the actual shop). There will be clickable items, which will include: cupcakes for cupcake flavours and prices etc, a menu for a compete list of food/cold drinks we have, a coffee machine for coffee prices etc, a phone or till for orders …and lots more! So last week I wanted to get cracking so she asked me to draw the outside and inside of the shop, and here is the first part…
She also has an idea of having a smart car rolling up next to the shop, as a quick link for deliveries which she will animate!  :)
We haven’t got one yet but we are hoping to buy one sooon!
Now onto the tasty treats that I’ve been working on this week… Christmas Cupcakes!!!!
I’ve been having some fun decorating, I only have a few combinations here as I was still waiting on sprinkles to arrive from the internet! But here are a few that I decorated with the resources I had at the time. There are more to come :)
I also have a twitter account now if you want to follow my random ramblings and photos!  I never thought I would get one but I’ve actually found it to be a useful tool for interacting with, not just bloggers, but keeping up with local news and tv.
Aswell as that, I have installed Disqus onto my blog so now I can reply directly to your comments, which I have been longing to do for aaaages! Thanks to Vahni from Grit & Glamour for her post on RSS and sharing, which you can see here, it kicked my lazy bum into shape to go out and get it done!
So now you can share all you want, and I can reply as freely too, yay :)
As always, have a lovely Sunday!
& Hope all my amazing American friends had a great Thanksgiving!
Lots of Love
P.S If you do follow me on twitter you might have seen me tweet about it snowing in Jersey. Now this is absolutely unheard of over here. For the last couple of years it has snowed, but later in the year, which is still weird because before then it hadn’t snowed since I was 5!! Anyway these are some photos from my house overlooking the garden. I quite like snow, even if it is freeeezing :)

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