NYE Special Friend Friday: The Glamourai

A couple of years ago, before I knew how to blog or knew what a blog even was, I never “followed” anyone or put myself out there to comment. I was a sort of anonymous wanderer, dipping in and out of various blogs for inspiration. I’ve only recently, since having my own blog, actually got … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

This year, like my horoscope had said, was very much a small affair about the family. I convinced my brother to have Christmas at his new place this year for a change of scenery. On Christmas morning we packed everything up in the car and unloaded our supplies at his place in military precision (or … Continue reading


I know I’ve been tooting her horn a lot lately, but today is officially #TEAMKRISTY Day and I wanted to show MORE love to this fantabulous lady! If you saw my recent #FF post you will already know the admiration and support I have for the lovely Kristy Elena – the stunner in my sidebar! … Continue reading

Sunday Treats: Christmas Delights

Just a few photos of scrumptious goodies I made this week. The Christmas cupcakes were for a children’s party :) I still cannot believe that it is the last Sunday before the big C! This will probably be my last post before Christmas as I will be busy with baking for the shop! Although I … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Vogue Gone Rogue

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again!!! It seems to come by so quickly, and in exactly one week it is Christmas Eve….WHAT! How did it spring up so fast!? I swear it’s still the beginning of November in my mind! Anyway on with my Faaaaabulous Friend Friday ;) Kristy, Kristy, Kristy. What to say!? … Continue reading

College Interview: VIPXO

  This is Victoria. You may recognise her from her lovely blog VIPXO? Well, today she has agreed to be my very first interviewee and answer a few of my questions! ****** After the trials and tribulations of setting up and helping to run a cafe (now turned catering business), I am finally starting to … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Pinkbow

Happy Friday! Today I have something to brighten up your Friday. It’s miserable in Jersey at the moment so I thought an injection of yellow was needed. Although I haven’t been a follower of Paula’s blog Pinkbow for very long, as soon as I came across it via various other bloggers, I knew I was … Continue reading

Sunday Treats: Sacramento

Hi Everyone! I am going to be doing more scheduled posts, so that I can start having a routine rather than posting higgeldy piggeldy! It should also help me post more often and if you want to see a certain type of post, you’ll know which day you’re going to see it. Therefore, I hereby name … Continue reading