Sunday Treats: Sacramento

Hi Everyone!
I am going to be doing more scheduled posts, so that I can start having a routine rather than posting higgeldy piggeldy! It should also help me post more often and if you want to see a certain type of post, you’ll know which day you’re going to see it. Therefore, I hereby name this my Sunday Treats :)
In my Sunday Treats you can expect to see delicious food, fashion and all things delectable. I will probably alternate between these things each week. Friend Fridays will be dedicated to sharing with you my favourite bloggers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, politicians, writers etc! Basically anybody who has an interesting voice and perspective on the world.
This Sunday Treat is not about food, she does, however, have a delicious sense of style, and so, is a treat nonetheless!  I was commissioned by the sweetheart Sacramento of Mis Papelicos to do an illustration for her blog. Now this lady has been the most wonderful followers I could have ever asked for, she is genuine and always makes time for other bloggers. She has such fantastic combinations of outfits to choose from, which definitely made for a difficult choice! We both picked out our favourite outfits and this one was on each of our lists, so the choice was obvious to me!
It also includes one of my favourite combinations of colour; yellow, purple and pink. I really tried to put as much detail in as possible, which made me appreciate her style even more!
I rarely do skin tones or even noses on most of my sketches but I felt like it was necessary to capture Sacramento’s bright personality!
I hope you enjoy it! And if you haven’t checked out her blog, do it now, she really is a gem!
and here is the original outfit that inspired the drawing…

Sacramento was also just featured in Vogue Turkey….Ooh La La! Congrats are definitely in order!! :)
I will also be putting some of my works into print soon to sell on etsy and was hoping for some feedback to what kind of sizes people prefer. I prefer my art large but I know others sometimes like small cards to send as giftcards or scrapbooking. So, I have compiled a little poll which is in the sidebar on the right and would really appreciate it if you could leave some feedback on which drawings you’d also prefer to see! The poll is up until next Saturday and will probably start getting things printed soon. Thank for your support! :)
Lots of Love

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