Friend Friday: Pinkbow

Happy Friday! Today I have something to brighten up your Friday. It’s miserable in Jersey at the moment so I thought an injection of yellow was needed. Although I haven’t been a follower of Paula’s blog Pinkbow for very long, as soon as I came across it via various other bloggers, I knew I was in heaven! She has such a love affair with all things quintessentially British. Quaint and vintage, she treats her readers to delicious photos of her latest flee market finds, divine food and she even makes something as simple as pulling a name from a glass dish (for a competition) so utterly elegant!
There is no denying that this lady is a very special gem! With each post I am entranced by her beautiful, rose-tinted world! I also can’t help but drool everytime I see a Ladurée post!!

So here is a tribute to her loveliness and to show appreciation to a fabulous blogger and her wonderful blog!
I know it’s from quite an old(ish) post, but I just simply adore it! Again, my love for yellow is evident. Maybe I should start going to meetings because I’m clearly becoming addicted!

The original photo…

In this post she took part in a virtual tea party and made some very delicious looking lemon cupcakes!
I took a peek at the tea party hosted by Dotti’s Dots and it looked like so much fun, I definitely recommend you have a look yourself :)

I feel as though I am really getting into my stride with my drawing now. Not only am I enjoying it but I haven’t felt this inspired in a long time! Hopefully soon I will have a few prints up on etsy, but please bare with me :)
Have a Faaabulous Friday Ladies (& Gents)!

Lots of Love

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