College Interview: VIPXO


This is Victoria. You may recognise her from her lovely blog VIPXO? Well, today she has agreed to be my very first interviewee and answer a few of my questions!
After the trials and tribulations of setting up and helping to run a cafe (now turned catering business), I am finally starting to feel like I am ready again to continue on my own path in life. This was only ever meant to be a temporary thing for me whilst I was deciding on my next step. As much as I love my mum and enjoy helping her to achieve her dream, I think the time has now come to spread my wings (again) and venture out of “the bubble” that I call Jersey. My parents have always told me I can achieve whatever I set my mind to achieve, and to no matter what, follow my heart and my dreams, so I shall do just that.
A hot topic on the agenda of the British Government at the moment has been University fees. If you watch the BBC news you will know that the British Government voted for tuition fees to rise from around £3,000 to £9,000 a year starting with the next academic year. Even though Jersey is a British crown dependancy and I am indeed British, the Channel Islands pay pretty much the same as an International student! This can range from around £6,000 right up to £12,000 a year depending on the course. With the rise in fees, however, there is no doubt that the cost for the Channel Islands will be set to rise even further, beyond what our very tiny government can stretch to help fund students. Considering this, I have decided to interview various fashion bloggers from around the world on their experiences. Whether they are currently studying, recent graduates or industry professionals, I am looking for the inside scoop on the worlds Universities catering for Fashion, to help me decide which will be best value for my money, time and effort!
Hopefully this will act as a true guide to Universities right from the students mouths themselves, and will also help someone else who is in a similar, very confusing position to me!

(Just wanted to point out that these are obviously not the views of every single student attending these universities, but is better than looking at “figures” from national newspapers, as we all know very well these can be tampered with and are usually a complete load of BS!)

The Profile

Name: Victoria India
Age: 21
Hometown/Country: A small village in-between Nottingham & Leicester, UK
University Studying at: Leeds Met (Taught at Harrogate College)
Course Studying: Fashion Design & Production Foundation Degree
(Top Up year in Applied Creative Design – Fashion Design & Production)
Studied From: 2008 -2011

The Basics.

How did you decide on your University. Did you apply to others?
I applied to Leeds, York, Manchester, Nottingham and London. I had my interviews for Leeds, York and Manchester and got accepted. I’d already decided I wanted to go to Leeds so I cancelled my last two interviews for Nottingham and London. Leeds is an amazing city and and had everything I needed.
Was price a factor with the Uni you chose?
Yes, ideally being a fashion student I would have gone to London, but it would have cost me so much more.
How would you best describe your Uni?
Unorganised, School-like, but my tutor has a heart of gold.
Did you have to move far and was it easy to adjust to student life in a new city?
I live about an hour and a half away, which is close/further enough away. I had worked everyday I wasn’t at college the year before and it just totally drained me and ruined my social life. I was ready to be in the city and start a new life.

Why did you choose to study a fashion program? And what are your plans after graduating?

I’ve never been good at academic subjects. Textiles has always been my main interest and when applying I looked into fashion and found myself really buzzed about it, so decided to go for it. I must have been doing something right as I got 3 unconditional offers. I’d like to do some internships but I think I’m a little bit away from that. I need to earn money first so I’ll get a temp job.


Do you live in Student Accommodation or did you find a place yourself? On average how much did it cost?
I lived in student halls in my first year and paid £85 a week, with bills and en-suite. Second year I lived in a 5 bedroom house and paid £70 with bills included. I now live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and pay £80 without bills. It really does depend where, who and what agent you’re with. Prices will increase every year.

What is your opinion on the workload expected from your tutors?
I think it’s very fair, we all leave things until the last minute but that’s our own fault. There are parts I don’t agree with, but that’s the same with everything in life.
Have you done any work experience? Who for and what did you learn?
I worked behind the scenes at a bridal event for a few days. I learnt how amazingly beautiful models are and how hectic and fast it is backstage!

Life at Leeds Met

Extra Curricular

Where did you find you made the best friends? Inside or Outside the classroom?
My group was quite small, just less than 20, so we all got on with each other. Over the years it’s now shrunk and I’d say a few are now my best friends. I got on really well with my flat mates in the first year, which I still speak to. I met some other girls in another flat who I ended up living with in the second year. Let’s just say we’re no longer friends.

What do you do in your spare time?
I blog, which actually helps a lot with uni work. It’s a great place to bounce off ideas and get feedback.
Are there any favourite gems about living in Leeds? A great thrift shop or favourite restaurant/bar you absolutely love?
It’s just a normal city. The Primark is masive! That’s a good things for me. There’s an Indian restaurant me and my boyfriend go to, that’ll always be a favourite.
Has your personal style ever changed since you started Uni?
It hasn’t, I’m still wearing things I wore before I started uni. EVERYONE in my class has such a totally different style. It’s really nice having it like that!
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What has been your most memorable highlight and lowlight during your time at Uni?
Highlight has to be making some great friends and meeting my boyfriend. My lowest time was living with 4 girls last year.
And finally do you have any advice for anyone considering applying to your Uni?
Think about it carefully, there’s a lot of people I know who dropped out because they missed home too much. I’m very close to my parents, and I did get really home sick but it’s made me so much more independent and much more proud of myself for everything I achieve.
Look into different cities, research places for accomodation and plan how you’re going to budget. I’m still living off money I earned before coming to uni because I learnt how to budget and save money. So many people I know blow their student loans on drink, clothes and takeaways. It’s not realistic living like that. It’s 3 years of your life, make the most of it! Soon enough everything will become a lot more real and “grown up”.

photos: VIPXO
I would like to give a BIG big thank you to Victoria for giving her time to answer my questions!
I hope you all enjoyed it or at least found it insightful!
Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you think you can provide some amazing answers about your University, I would really love to get different perspectives from people!!
Lots of Love

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