Sunday Treats: Christmas Delights

Just a few photos of scrumptious goodies I made this week.
The Christmas cupcakes were for a children’s party :)
I still cannot believe that it is the last Sunday before the big C! This will probably be my last post before Christmas as I will be busy with baking for the shop! Although I would really love to do a special Christmas Eve FF post so we shall see!
I hope you all enjoy your Christmas! Mine will be extremely low key this year, I’m not expecting any presents nor do I have the want or need for any. On my wishlist this year is sleep and for there to be more hours in a day, is that possible? Haha.
However, it is snowing again here in Jersey, so that is a perfect christmas in itself :)

Last night, I came across this amazingly talented musician (and a bunch of other ones too) and thought she had the most perfect Sunday pick-up song! It also sounds quite festive to me! Hope you enjoy it!! :)

Have a Beautiful Christmas everyone!

Lots of Festive Love


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