I know I’ve been tooting her horn a lot lately, but today is officially #TEAMKRISTY Day and I wanted to show MORE love to this fantabulous lady!
If you saw my recent #FF post you will already know the admiration and support I have for the lovely Kristy Elena – the stunner in my sidebar!
(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, CLICK HERE immediately!)
I won’t ramble on about how amazingly talented she is and how much she deserves to be THE Full Time Fabulous blogger again! However, I WILL give you 3 reasons why you should be in #TEAMKRISTY.
Kristy appreciates her readers and ALWAYS recognises them
(Just a little word of thanks from her on her Full Time Fabulous blog)
“Now then, this is the part where I’m gonna have to get a bit mushy. I want to take a moment and say thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support. I never imagined this kind of response. Thank you so much for reading, for rating, for the over 1,000 amazing & thoughtful comments that you’ve left, for sharing me with your followers, friends and families, for the multitude of features you’ve written for me, the badges of support you’ve put on your sidebars, for the countless #teamkristy tweets, and above all, for being so inspiring. Each and every one of you is absolutely amazing and most definitely fabulous. Very simply, thank you for everything. It is greatly appreciated.”

She is such an inspiration on so many levels that you will always feel inspired with every post she writes.
I made this video using the different staged drawings I had saved of my #TEAMKRISTY illustration. I usually would save more so that it flowed much more easily, but I really was engrossed by drawing her that I kept forgetting! haha Anyway, you can see that journey of the drawing, it always looks a bit sketchy, but it came together in the end! (can you tell I’m slightly obsessed with this song yet? haha)
If there was ever a better sunglass wearer than Kristy, I haven’t seen them! I swear she has this insane ability to carry off EVERY pair of sunglasses in the world. How is this possible I hear you say?!
Well, she was obviously just made for the job ;)
These are my favourites, gifted to her by Sunglass Hut…
So if you want to be a part of #TEAMKRISTY, you can join here on twitter!
Vahni from Grit & Glamour has also spear-headed the “movement” ;)
Head over to her blog to read more fabulous posts from different bloggers about #TEAMKRISTY Day!
And most importantly, get involved, via twitter, commenting, anything! :)
Quickly, just wanted to thank everyone who has used my #TEAMKRISTY badge! I’ve noticed it on a few blogs now and must say its SO AWESOME to see! :)
If you want to show some support, Vahni has also created a code that you can all use in this post!
(hmmm how many times did I say #TEAMKRISTY? haha)
Lots of #TEAMKRISTY Love

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