Girl, you really got me now.

Just a short one! Thought I would upload the video in a seperate post as I wanted the other post to be about Meag and the interview I did with her. I love doing these videos, it’s fun editing them and choosing the music to go with it! I wanted to go for a retro … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Interview with Travel Write Draw

Today’s Friend Friday is a little different. At the end of December I interviewed another beautiful and talented Canadian, blogger Meagan from Travel Write Draw. You may remember when I participated in her blog project Illustrators Drawing Illustrators earlier this month. I first came across her blog through the Sea of Shoes Spring Fashion Art Contest, I am … Continue reading

Mama, I love you

Today is my Mum’s birthday. I took these photos last summer using my SLR camera. The first one I shot when we went for a walk round the scenic Queen’s Valley Reservoir across from our house and the second is along the Marina by the historic Mont Orgueil Castle (said Mont Or-guy). Shame I didn’t … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Beckerman Babes

Today’s Friend Friday post has taken longer than usual, mainly because I have double trouble to draw in the form of twin sisters Caillianne and Samantha Beckerman from Beckerman Bite Plate.   As soon as I saw this photo from a “British Invasion” party they attended in Toronto. I knew I had to draw it. … Continue reading

DVF Spring 2011

This week I’ve been having a few internet problems at home, which Is why I haven’t been able to post my latest Friend Friday illustration! I was so excited, and since I wasn’t ready to post it last week, was slightly annoyed at leaving it yet another week, but c’est la vie! The good thing … Continue reading

Illustrators Drawing Illustrators

This past week, I’ve been taking part in a little project called “Illustrators Drawing Illustrators”, started by Meagan from Travel Write Draw, which I mentioned a couple of posts ago, and I’m proud to say here are the results!   Meag put all of the participating artists names into a metaphorical hat and I was … Continue reading

I can see youuu…..

Today I have a little video for you that I shot.. like an hour ago.It’s just a teeny tiny hello, but I thought it was time I showed my face properly, it being a new year and everything! For the record, my voice sounded sooo terribly boring and awkward so I thought this was better :)  … Continue reading

6 Months♥

I know I only started my blog back in July, it’s gone by like a flash! I’m glad it’s January though, I really do feel like its time for a fresh start, fresh mindset and goals to achieve. This is just a little recap of my blog from the last 6 months if you’ve only … Continue reading