6 Months♥

I know I only started my blog back in July, it’s gone by like a flash! I’m glad it’s January though, I really do feel like its time for a fresh start, fresh mindset and goals to achieve.
This is just a little recap of my blog from the last 6 months if you’ve only just joined me :)
It’s really great seeing how my drawing skills have improved too!! Sometimes you don’t see it yourself until you put everything together on one page, so it’s really cool to see how I’m developing my own style.

When I started my blog I had only just started drawing on photoshop, using a wacom tablet I got back in June. Before that, I had only used it for editing photos and cloning patterns onto models that I’d drawn and scanned in, so it was a new medium for me which I found I connected with straight away. I still draw with pencil and paper when I get the chance (which I may start doing more of on here) but I really love the freedom that the computer brings.  It’s super easy to blend colours and actually get the exact colour you want!

1. DVF Resort 2011 2. Erin Fetherston Resort 2011 3. Vahni from Grit & Glamour (okay not a Runway show, but still fabulous & goes with the colours I have here okay! :p)
& a few of my own designs
I then went onto drawing closeups for a change

The Emilio Pucci illustration, I entered into the Sea of Shoes competition, which Jane uploaded onto her Flickr page.
& turned my attention to my amazing blogger friends and bloggers who have inspired me!
1. Vahni from Grit & Glamour   2. Giselle from Style of a Fashionista   3. Sacramento from Mis Papelicos
1. Kristy from Vogue Gone Rogue   2. Paula from Pinkbow   3. Kelly from The Glamourai
2010 was quite possibly the toughest year I have ever been through. I had some good times, bad times, had 3 different jobs then built a business with my mum from scratch, had lots of laughs, tears, lost weight, put on weight, made progress internally, lost friendships, gained friendships, people have died, babies were born… you get the idea. To say it has been a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement. I am really hoping that 2011 will be more kind to me! I’d really like to move out of Jersey, so hopefully I will get to do that this year! *fingers crossed*
As for goals for my blog, I’m working on getting an etsy store up and running which many people have asked for, so that should be fun and generally I hope to improve my skills even more as an artist, learning new things! I would also like to possibly incorporate myself in some posts. I’m way too chicken to do it at the moment, I don’t have a boyfriend photographer and I work in a chefs uniform all the time (not very exciting), but hopefully I’ll gain enough confidence and time to do that. For now, I’ll share with you a little photo from last summer…
Lots of Love

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