I can see youuu…..

Today I have a little video for you that I shot.. like an hour ago.
It’s just a teeny tiny hello, but I thought it was time I showed my face properly, it being a new year and everything! For the record, my voice sounded sooo terribly boring and awkward so I thought this was better :) 

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for your amaaaaaazing comments. I haven’t stopped smiling since, well, the beginning of the year I guess! :)
I honestly never thought anyone would actually read my blog, let alone say such lovely things about it so I am sooo stoked you like it! Like I said to my mum once, if you ever see it all going to my head, just give me a big fat *virtual* slap on the face please. Let’s all just stay grounded!

Alsoo, obviously I know about you guys from reading your blogs, I forget about myself sometimes so if theres anything you want to ask me, drop a comment down below or ask me on twitter/facebook and I might do a Q&A post sometime with them in! It can be the smallest, randomest, little thing, I honestly don’t mind! :)

Had such a lovely Bank Holiday weekend off, I also organised my new room (my brothers old room) and added little touches to make it feel more homely, so mentally feeling fresh again!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Lots of Love


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