Illustrators Drawing Illustrators

This past week, I’ve been taking part in a little project called “Illustrators Drawing Illustrators”, started by Meagan from Travel Write Draw, which I mentioned a couple of posts ago, and I’m proud to say here are the results!


Meag put all of the participating artists names into a metaphorical hat and I was chosen to draw the lovely Shirley from Trois Femmes. She sent me a few photos of herself, but the one that really stood out to me she was wearing a bright, tropical print top. I love prints. I’ve never been that great at drawing them because I can get a little impatient, but lately I’ve learnt to be more patient when it comes to my art and to really stick at it.
I hope you enjoy it!
Shirley shares her blog with her twin sister and best friend, hence Trois Femmes! They hail from Brooklyn, New York and have recently decided that they are going to be blogging about hotspots in New York, which I’m so looking forward to since I can’t travel at the moment and would love to see the city from their eyes!
The frame is actually a mirror that I found at a charity shop last year! It’s one of my favourite finds and I’ve wanted to draw it for a while now. I thought it would look lovely as a special, personalised touch to the portrait, which I might start to incorporate into my blogger portraits in the future!
If you want to check out all the other artists participating in todays event, it’s a blog crawl, so if you click on the links of the bloggers that have been illustrated, it will take you full circle and eventually link back to me, so enjoy!! 

Very excited to see one of me, I have never had anyone draw me before so it feels a little like Christmas to me! :)
Lots of Love

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