Friend Friday: Beckerman Babes

Today’s Friend Friday post has taken longer than usual, mainly because I have double trouble to draw in the form of twin sisters Caillianne and Samantha Beckerman from Beckerman Bite Plate.


As soon as I saw this photo from a “British Invasion” party they attended in Toronto. I knew I had to draw it. ( it was still an incredibly difficult decision with the amount of fabulous photos they possess on their blog! I wish I could draw them all!)

Since they are Canadian girls I thought I would change the flags on their cheeks as a special touch! (and used a bit of artistic license for a few other things)
The crowns were my favourite part, made by Robert Sorrell, each handmade, they are definitely a touch of something special.

And now for my favourite looks…



and not to forget their lovely younger sister Chloe. Although I haven’t drawn her today, she is as fabulous as her sisters! :)


If you don’t know the Beckerman Girls (and I must admit I hadn’t come across their blog until a couple of months ago), they are a 3 sister design team from Toronto, Canada.
Their bright energy and their lust for life that comes through in their personal style photos was the reason I fell in love with their blog. They always seem like they’re having the time of their lives and have fast become one of my daily blog reads for inspiration.

Ever since they commented on my illustration of our mutual blogger friend Sacramento, I have been an avid follower of theirs. They have the ability to mix different prints, fabrics and colour in a fun, light-hearted and clever combination like no other. Their larger than life, carefree personalities which shine through their blog, also makes them stand out from the blogger crowd and I find their eccentricity so endearing.
For me, they’ve done something very few other bloggers have done, and that is to challenge me and my thoughts towards fashion. What’s honestly stopping you from wearing half of your jewellery collection at once, 2 different shoes and every colour of the rainbow? Absolutely nothing, as long as you look and feel fabulous! The Beckerman’s not only break the fashion rules but they hop, skip and jump all over them.




The most important message to take away from their blog is to have fun; with clothes, with family, with friends, in life and in anything you do. Just. Be. You. And be proud of it. It doesn’t mean you always have to stand out from the crowd, but just be honest with yourself and those around you. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good, as long as your personality shines through you will always look a million dollars.
I think they are great role models for future style bloggers, I hope you agree!

Lots of Love


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