Mama, I love you

Today is my Mum’s birthday. I took these photos last summer using my SLR camera. The first one I shot when we went for a walk round the scenic Queen’s Valley Reservoir across from our house and the second is along the Marina by the historic Mont Orgueil Castle (said Mont Or-guy). Shame I didn’t get more of the castle in, I did in the other shots but this one was the best of my mum. :)
As you can see, I live in the very rural part of the island, not much in the way of shops, but heaps of beautiful scenery and is very peaceful, sometimes way too quiet for me though.
I spent this weekend photoshopping the photos, putting a vignette effect in the corners and desaturating the colour. I don’t think I ever showed my mum these photos, I think she totally forgot I took them but I thought they came out really lovely so I decided it would make a great present for her birthday! I also got them framed as a special touch. Nothing major just a simple wooden frame!
I haven’t used my SLR camera properly in a while because I lost the charger, but I found it again the other day so you might see more photos of Jersey on my blog :)

So, as my mum is a busy bee nowadays running her business, we decided to treat her to a meal on Sunday at a little (and I do mean TEENY TINY) restaurant called The Navigator down in Rozel Bay. I really loved the feel of it from inside, looking out onto the bay and the pier was really lovely. I would say the negatives would be the crampedness, as you literally could not move out of your seat and an issue we had with walnuts. They served my mum with a pear salad which, on their website and menus at the restaurant, should have consisted of:

” Pear Salad

A fan of pear with flakes of parmesan cheese, walnuts and lemon dressing “

However, when it arrived without walnuts, my mum questioned it and they told her it never said that on the menu. We didn’t like that attitude, it made my mum feel like a fool, which I certainly didn’t like! If they had simply just run out of walnuts and explained that, it would have been fine, issue -kind of- resolved, but lying that it never said walnuts I found quite simply rude. As for the crampedness, I think that was mainly due to the fact they had tried to squeeze too many parties of people in. It wasn’t surprising that it was busy though, since half of the islands restaurants (mainly our favourite) were still closed for the winter.
As you can see from the photos, the location is beautiful, quirky, has stunning views and the food was quite delicious. Nonetheless, I probably wouldn’t go back in a rush, but it was still quite lovely all the same.

I forgot to take a photo from the outside so this is one I took from their website.

Here are a few I took on my phone using the hipstamatic app. I had Moules Marinières to start, Battered Cod and Homemade Chips with Mushy Peas for main and Profiteroles for dessert. I hadn’t had Profiteroles in years, they were so delish! Yum!

I really loved this window in the restaurant. I was sitting next to it and couldn’t help but stare out of it every 20 seconds.



It almost reminds me of a 1970’s postcard of Jersey! (my dad has a few of those from back in the day)
I wish the collection box wasn’t there, would have made the most perfect photo!

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? I’m having a serious case of that at the moment! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit all of your blogs, I’ve been replying here and on twitter (@thejerseygem for anyone who has it! :)) but with all the other things I have going on, i’m finding it really difficult to keep up, I hope you can all understand!

Happy Birthday Mum! :)

Lots of Love

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