Girl, you really got me now.

Just a short one! Thought I would upload the video in a seperate post as I wanted the other post to be about Meag and the interview I did with her. I love doing these videos, it’s fun editing them and choosing the music to go with it! I wanted to go for a retro vibe because the photo which inspired my illustration was taken for a Mad Men themed party. The Kinks are awesome, this is one of my favourite songs of all time!
I was brought up around all sorts of music, my mum was a quirky 80’s chick and my dad was a 70’s rocker (and yes with long long hair and massive flairs too!), so I have a pretty expansive itunes list. I’m not all that keen on the 80’s music, apart from maybe a bit of Blondie, I much prefer my dad’s stuff! Although, when I was little I used to be big on Elvis, The Beach Boys and lots of 50’s/60’s music (as well as the spice girls! haha). Nowadays I listen to everything, Rock, Acoustic, Soul, Classical, Pop, RnB …. Music is pretty awesome isn’t it! At the moment though I’m playing a lot of unknown or unsigned artists. I find it quite special knowing that I am one of few listening to their music. Once some music goes mainstream I find it kind of loses its edge almost.

Anywayyyyy, here is the progression video I made for the above illustration of Meagan from Travel Write Draw :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
I might not be posting many drawings for a while….I think my hands need a little rest before they become crippled! haha

Lots of Love

P.S Just want to say a quick Hello to all my new followers on the blog! So amazed that I’ve even reached 70 of you lovely readers, so thank you for the support :)
3 Responses to “Girl, you really got me now.”
  1. >OMG LOVE THIS!! Meg you're so incredible, I'm about to tweet this too!! Honestly how did you get to be so multifaceted at 20 years old?!! You absolutely deserve a rest love. Take care of those illustrators hands so we can see more amazing work from you in the future.

  2. Sacramento says:

    >Fantastic Meg, what an artist you are. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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