Monday Morning Inspiration: Center Sage Progression

So today I haven’t got a regular inspiration post, but I finished editing a video of Brooke’s illustration last night so I thought I would post that instead! :)   The song is so pretty, it’s called “”Where The Road Meets The Sun” by Matthew Perryman Jones and Katie Herzig. I’ve used a couple of … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Center Sage

When I interviewed Meagan from Travel Write Draw last month, I really enjoyed getting to know her, her story and the person behind her blog. I’m always intrigued by someones personality and character, looks only goes so far in my book. There always has to be some sort of substance behind it to keep me … Continue reading

David Koma Spring 2011

Whilst trawling through the internet, I found a video made for V Magazine including pieces from his collection which I thought was interesting as some moving visuals. I think it conveys his ballerina theme very well. First + Second Photo via Kim Howells Third + Fourth photos via Browns Fashion Blog Fifth Photo – Unknown … Continue reading

Monday Morning Inspiration: NYFW in Motion

So 2 weeks ago I did my first Monday Morning Inspiration post. I thought it would be fun to start making it a weekly occurance like my Friend Friday posts, sharing some interesting, thought-provoking and inspirational photos, videos and other amazing gems with you all. I’m not a Monday person, I have never particularly liked … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Me, Myself & I

I’m taking a break from drawing at the moment, I’ve done quite a lot of it recently and need time to focus on my personal life. Things have been super stressful at home lately and will continue to be for the next month or so unfortunately until certain issues are worked out. So anyway, this … Continue reading

The Fairy and the Bee

  What many people won’t know, whether they know me in real life or not, is that my most fond and memorable times of my childhood belong to this holiday. They’d find it ironic since I tend to avoid this “holiday” like the plague, but my life back then seemed to revolve around valentines day, … Continue reading

Christian Dior Spring Couture 2011

    Photos:   I normally wouldn’t consider drawing a Couture look, I don’t know why. It’s not that I don’t like Couture, I appreciate and respect it. I understand the painstaking work that goes into each collection and each piece and have bled before for the sake of fashion and design, hand-stitching tiny, little … Continue reading

Monday Morning Inpiration: Stop Motion

Ever since my best friend showed me an animation of hers, I’ve been completely enchanted by it. She was doing a project on Stop Motion some time ago at Uni and showed me a few videos from youtube. I found a few others that I liked and whittled them down to my top 3. So … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Superman

As you may have heard, the next actor to star as the infamous Superman, is Henry Cavill. What you may not know (if you haven’t already Wikipedia’d or IMDb’d him yet) is that he is actually a Jerseyman. Yes, born and raised on the very same island that I come from. In fact, my mum was … Continue reading

Etsy Store Opened!

  Yay! I finally opened my etsy store after months of sourcing everything!  I’ve only added 4 prints up at the moment and will only get them printed one at a time, until I know if anyone actually likes them, so you’ll have to bare with me with that until I get up and running … Continue reading