Friend Friday: Me, Myself & I

I’m taking a break from drawing at the moment, I’ve done quite a lot of it recently and need time to focus on my personal life. Things have been super stressful at home lately and will continue to be for the next month or so unfortunately until certain issues are worked out.

So anyway, this kind of post is quite alien to me, but I was recently nominated by a few of you lovely bloggers for the “Stylish Blogger Award”. I say recently, it’s probably been a month or so, so I apologise for not getting round to doing this sooner! Thank you to the Ladies who passed this along to me!

It’s quite funny because on my blog I don’t actually show myself or my own personal style.
Most of you who read my blog regularly would probably understand my sense of style through the looks I choose to illustrate from runway shows, but I guess it’s time to share a little more with you. I’d rather my blog not be plastered with my face all over it but for all the friends I’ve made through blogging, I thought it would be a good way of getting to know more about me!
Two of these photos were taken recently before I went to my mum’s birthday dinner, the other  was last summer when I bought my favourite turban headband from ASOS.


With this award it requires you to share 7 random facts that you don’t know about me!
So here goes…
  • When I was about 4/5 I was totally in love with Elvis Presley. I used to sing along to every one of his songs, dancing around in my lounge. I used to swoon over his movies too! My Mum and Dad had to eventually explain that he had died 20 years before I was born. Apparently I was distraught, it was even worse than finding out Santa wasn’t real!
  • I went through a gothy, punky, emo type phase with my best friend when we were 15-18. On my 17th birthday I got a monroe piercing, but took it out a year later because I realised how stupid it was. I still have a small scar where it used to be, but it’s not that noticeable thankfully.
  • My favourite and only proper family holiday we went to was Marbella, Spain in 1996. Although it’s typically a very British holiday resort, we stayed away from that area and rented a quaint villa within a Spanish community. Even though I was only 6 at the time, I have fond memories of laying by the pool reading Roald Dahl books, buying the most amazing roast chicken I have ever tasted from the local market and being serenaded at a restaurant by a strange man called Pepe. It was also the holiday that I learnt to swim more confidently with my dad.
  • People used to ask if my brother Mike and I had the same father because he is very tanned and I am extremely pale with freckles. The answer is YES, we do have the same mother and father, on my mother’s side there is a bit of Italian so I guess my brother won that gene. We used to fight like cat and dog when we were little, but were the best of friends too or at least that’s what I thought haha. Since he was my older brother I looked up to him and used to follow him around and copy what he did quite a bit. Although he can be annoying like any brother, I still look up to him and I kind of miss our childhood now that we’re all “grown-up”!

  • I changed my surname by deed poll on my 18th birthday, McCarthy is my Mum’s maiden name. My parents are still together so people generally don’t understand why I changed it, but I just preferred the sound of Meg McCarthy more, that’s all. My parents were totally fine with it and I did ask my Dad for his blessing before I went ahead out of respect.
  • I was the youngest girl to be picked for the “A” team in Netball at my school. I was 7 years old at the time and I played Goal Shooter.
  • I’m quite interested in Archaeology and History. I blame my dad for this because I used to spend Sundays watching Time Team with him when I was little. Sometimes I’d wade through the stream at the bottom of the garden looking for artefacts haha. I used to find broken bits of plates and pottery that had travelled down the stream, so it was pretty fun! I’m lucky enough to live in Jersey which has such a rich history. I live right down the road from a historic site called La Hougue Bie, which is a Neolithic Church with a Medieval Chapel on top, and is one of the largest and best preserved sites in Europe, pretty awesome huh?

La Hougue Bie, a Neolithic ritual site which was in use around 3500BC

I can tell from personal experience that it is TINY in there, very low, even for a 9 year old!


I hope that gives you a little more of an insight into my life and who I am. It’s been really fun getting to know you all and reading all about your lives on your blogs and I hope to continue to do so! I do apologise for being a bad blogger lately, I haven’t been visiting many blogs but just know that I do care and am still here to chat on twitter, email or via comments anytime. Maybe I will explain why sometime soon, but please don’t think I am being snobby or rude because that’s not at all who I am.
Anyway, hope you have a lovely sunny weekend!
Lots of Love

17 Responses to “Friend Friday: Me, Myself & I”
  1. You changed your name? Wow! That’s a trip!

    I was goth-ish around the same age. But what, pray tell, is a monroe piercing, doll? Obvi I’m so old I have no idea!


    • thejerseygem says:

      Yep I changed my surname, It felt quite natural changing it and it definitely feels longer than 2 years since I did, I guess I always knew that should’ve been my name. My mum actually told me afterwards that she wanted us to have her surname when we were born but Jersey is quite traditional in that respect.
      And a monroe piercing is just above the lip, similar area to where marilyn monroe had her beauty spot but a little more inwards if that makes sense! I have no idea why I got it done, in photos it looks okay but it was a stupid idea!

  2. brookemeagan says:

    Thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourself with us Meg!! The pictures of you and your brother are totally adorable. And how cool is it that you live right down the road from La Houge Bie!?!? I’m fascinated by historical sites. Oh, and I loved my goth, emo, punk days ha ha I still have the occassional relapse!! Happy Friday Meg! xoxo

    • thejerseygem says:

      You’re welcome! :) I thought it was long overdue and have been pondering for a while whether to press the publish button on this lol!
      I love all of the photos of me and my brother as kids, they always make me smile! :)
      I know right, it is pretty awesome, sometimes I take that for granted that I live right near it. Some people come all over Europe, sometimes the world just to see it! I’ll have to do some kind of photoshoot there in the summer when my best friend is back! :)
      Haha it’s funny how most of us bloggers have gone through the gothy emo phase, I still have essences of it in me still, but it’s definitely more turned down.
      Happy Friday to you too!! :)

  3. Bella Q says:

    Hello dear Meg.
    I wasn’t a big fan of the Monroe piercing but on some people it looks okay. I had a “Labret” piercing but took it out the moment I suspected ti was cutting into my gums. Rumor had it that it could erode the gum and expose to the tooth, and no piercing is worth some health issue. My “dumbest piercing” A bull-ring. I look ridiculous but honestly I loved it!

    It good to see you around the blogosphere. I am sorry to hear of home problems. Hang in there, cookie- you’re tough. We’re rooting for you! -Bella Q

    • thejerseygem says:

      I agree, on some people it can look very tacky, but my friends used to say it suited me quite a bit so I don’t think it ever looked tacky on me personally thankfully. The same thing happened to me actually, another reason why I took mine out, it kept rubbing up against my gums and made it very irritable so I’m not surprised that it could erode them! I can actually imagine you with a bull-ring! :)
      Thank you for the support! :) xoxo

  4. Anika says:

    Hi darling, I so loved this post, was oooing and aaaing over your pictures of your beautiful self, and smiling while reading your facts. I love that you changed your name, I took Campbell as a middle name at 18, my father is part Scottish but hadn`t thought to pass the name on. I also have a soft spot for Elvis, esp that vid of him doing a concert at 37 years old, in black leather and so hot it left a very strong impression on my teen self lol. Thank you for sharing, we do want to know you better, love, but all in your own time.

    I am sorry to hear you are going through stuff at home, same here. If you ever want to talk/email, I am here. Sending you big hugs!!! xx Anika

    ps, I am still not convinced that my siblings and I have the same dad, I am the only one with dark colouring. lol.

    • thejerseygem says:

      Aww thank you Anika!! :) I’m really glad you enjoyed it! It was fun looking for photos to put up! Although I’m not so keen on Elvis when he was older (I much prefer his younger days) I still think he had an amazing aura and charisma about him then!
      Thank you for the offer, I will have to take you up on that some time. I tend to go plod through things alone so it might help to talk about it!
      big hugs back to you! xoxo

  5. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Well, I think I’ve said this before but I absolutely love that first photo of you. You look beautiful, and that necklace is rockin’!

    That is SO cute about Elvis. You poor thing! You must’ve been so heartbroken.

    That church looks amazing, how cool that you live so close to it.

    Loved getting to know more about you :)
    Twitter @theloudermouth

    • thejerseygem says:

      aw thanks steph you are too sweet!! :) and you’re right, i was soo heartbroken when i heard elvis wasn’t alive. I can’t remember an awful lot after, but i don’t think i listened to his songs for a while after that haha.
      I know eh, theres tonnes of neolithic sites over here, pretty incredible how many are still intact really! I’ll have to go take photos with my friend in the summer when the weathers nice so you can see more :)

  6. Clare Astra says:

    You changed ur name! Ur brave! Meg McCarthy does sound cool! i would like a new first name!

    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks! It was quite tricky at first because literally EVERYONE asked me why I changed it a million times, some thought I’d gotten married or something haha, especially friends I went to school with, they didn’t quite understand because they’d always known me by my other name!
      Aw I love your name Clare, it’s a pretty name! :) I went through a stage of not liking my name too. My birth name was Megan but everyone has always called me Meg so I shortened it aswell when I changed my surname :)

  7. Harriet says:

    Ooh, this post is so interesting, it’s lovely to learn a bit more about you! I was so obsessed with time team when I was little! I definitely went through the ‘I want to be an archeologist’ phase for a while!

    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks Harriet!! I’m really glad you liked it! OMG yay I’m not the only one then!! :P haha! Oooh btw in the new series they dig at the castle right near my house in jersey! They filmed it last year but it should be showing sometime soon! When they were over my dad nearly crashed into their 4×4 hahaha he was such a geek about it too, they looked pretty scared and my dad just gave them a massive thumbs up and smile was so funny!

  8. So glad you did post something about you. I love your blogs usually but this gives them a nice background :) Love the family pics too, those things always make me smile! And there isn’t anything wrong with a Goth/Punk/Emo stage, many of us have been there x

    • thejerseygem says:

      Aw thats awesome thank you!! I don’t think i’ll be doing these types of posts too often but like you said it’s always nice to have a bit of a background to a blog :)
      Theres definitely nothing wrong with a goth/emo stage, just looking back on some things and photos of my hair and clothes its so cringey!! :P

  9. Meg!! I’ve missed reading your posts so much :) and I’m so happy to stumble upon this while visiting your blog. You’re such a lovely girl, and so so beautiful. I really wish you would share more photos of yourself. Anyways, I adored each and everyone of your seven things, especially the bit about Elvis and reading Roald Dahl books by the water (you and me both sweetheart). I used to draw everyone of his book covers in my own way for my book reports in Grade 5 and 6. I should have known then that I would turn out to be an illustrator. Anyways, I hope everything is okay at home and just know that I’m sending you lots of love.

    Meag xx

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