David Koma Spring 2011

Whilst trawling through the internet, I found a video made for V Magazine including pieces from his collection which I thought was interesting as some moving visuals. I think it conveys his ballerina theme very well.

First + Second Photo via Kim Howells
Third + Fourth photos via Browns Fashion Blog
Fifth Photo – Unknown

I started this drawing a while back on a rainy weekend where I had no internet and had put it aside, until now.

David Koma has been described as being “one of London’s most exciting new designers” and I have to agree. His style is so refined and has such a clear point of view for only graduating in 2009. Although he is Georgian born, he studied at Central Saint Martins and is now based in London.
There have been some fabulous collections for this upcoming spring, but this particular one stood out to me straight away, I just knew I had to draw something from it. As I was eyeing up each look, I couldn’t make my mind up, so I decided to draw my top 3!
I really love the flouncy, tutu-esque skirts amongst the leather and harsh lines, I think he finds a great balance between the masculine and feminine elements. Although I’m not a fan of the shiny, gold, leathery material, I think it actually works really well within the collection amongst the lemon.
As you may know, this past week was London Fashion Week, which has got to be -hands down- my favourite of them all. LFW produces an eclectic, creative mix of young, seasoned, british and international designers together, with my favourite shows each season coming from Basso & Brooke, Unique, Central Saint Martins, Holly Fulton, David Koma, Erdem, Issa London, Matthew Williamson, Mary Katranzou, Sass & Bide & PPQ. Maybe I’m a little biased having lived in London, but I love to see fun, witty, playful collections full of colour and excitement, I love to see something fresh being brought to the table instead of the same old same old. I’m definitely not saying that New York, Milan or Paris don’t offer these things, because they do on some levels, but in my eyes London amplifies it by ten and then majestically throws glitter all over it (or snow in Burberry’s case!)
David Koma showed his Fall 2011 Collection on Sunday (21st February 2011). If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out here on the official LFW page. I swear he’s a freaking genius! All the accessories, the hints of colour are so well placed and thought out, I even don’t mind the fluffy coloured pompoms!! haha. Everything is just so perfect in my eyes and by far one of the best Collections I’ve seen so far! (along with the uuuber talented Holly Fulton-SO fab!!)
All in all, I think he puts together incredibly clever and tasteful collections. David Koma has definitely become a new favourite of mine, I can’t wait to see how his collections evolve in the future!


Lots of Love


15 Responses to “David Koma Spring 2011”
  1. Hey dear… I found your at your new address. And what goodies do I discover… This is all very sweet and exciting. Lovely days and drawings ahead, I sense…

  2. Lee Oliveira says:

    I was just thinking and deciding who I liked more at LFW.
    David Koma got everybody’s attention.
    Just superb
    lee x

  3. Anika says:

    OMG, this is amazing, your illustrations are simply brilliant! You capture this mindblowing collection so well, with that added touch of Meg. J`adore! Big hugs to you!

  4. Love his style and your illustrations!! Love the mix of yellows, blacks and white!

    Thank you for sharing!


  5. SACRAMENTO says:

    Such a good post Meg. It has allowed me to get to know a few new designers.
    Love Mary Katrantzou and Korma very much. You know how I feel about your drawings, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are an artist. Do not ever forget it.!!!

  6. brookemeagan says:

    I loved this collection. One of my favorite things to do with my own wardrobe is pair contrasting pieces like feminine with masculine or girly with edgy so this collection really hit the mark for me. Plus I always wanted to be a ballerina! I always look forward to the London shows as well. I think having lived there myself and experiencing a LFW a few years ago, I’m a tad sentimental towards it. Once again you’ve captured the essence of this collection beautifully. I love the way you incorporated three different looks and models into this illustration. They look like they belong together. xoxo

  7. Clare Astra says:

    beautiful illustrations – love how you have done the hair xx

  8. PinkBow says:

    Aahh, an amazing collection but I love your take even more!

  9. kristy says:

    i was just browsing through your blog and realized i hadn’t commented on this. i really love this drawing that you did and am so impressed with the designs of david koma. i haven’t heard of him before. it’s always so exciting discovering a new designer!!

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