Friend Friday: Center Sage

When I interviewed Meagan from Travel Write Draw last month, I really enjoyed getting to know her, her story and the person behind her blog. I’m always intrigued by someones personality and character, looks only goes so far in my book. There always has to be some sort of substance behind it to keep me interested in knowing more from their blog. That’s what makes bloggers so intriguing to me, they all have something to say, a unique voice.

If Brooke doesn’t enchant you with her stunning looks, then she will grab you with her unique and eloquent way with words, that only a few will ever possess in this world. I think she will go far, I definitely hope so because I would love to draw her beautiful novel covers one day ;)

Everyone has a story and this one is about the super sweet, carb-loving, yoga fanatic, ever enchanting Brooke Jones from Center Sage




The Facts


Name: Brooke Jones
Age: 24
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Minitonas, MB Canada (currently living in Brandon, MB)
“I won’t hold it against you if you’ve never heard of either of those places!”

Blog: Center Sage
Twitter: @brookemeagan


About Blogging

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging just over a year ago. I’m an English student and I spend a lot of time writing essays but I wanted a place where I could creatively express myself and develop my own personal voice and writing style. I was tired of conforming to essay formats and wanted a place where I could rebel against the system and break some writing rules!


Were you a reader of blogs before you started yourself?
I really didn’t know anything about blogging before I started. I was aware of a few different blogs, but I never followed them religiously and I certainly didn’t know anything about the amazing blogging community I would come to know and love. I guess you could say that I entered into blogging blindly.


I personally love that your blog has many dimensions to it. You do outfit posts, you bake, you talk about beauty products etc. Which is your favourite type of post?
When I started Center Sage I planned on moving away from outfit posts, but I quickly found that I just couldn’t stay away! Personal style is such an important aspect of my life because it allows me to creatively project my true, unabashed self to the outside world on an everyday basis. I still enjoy incorporating other aspects of my life into my blog, but I feel that personal style posts capture the real essence of who I am as a person. Whether I share it on my blog or not, the way I dress is always reflective of something that’s going on underneath the surface and being able to have that inner and outer balance is really important to me.




You’ve moved blogs and blog hosts a few times, firstly being at “Brooklyn’s Britches” and now at “Center Sage” using WordPress, is there anything you’ve taken away from these experiences?
I’m certainly a girl that gets around! I guess the most important thing I’ve taken from moving between blogs and platforms is to not be afraid of change. At first I was so scared to make changes, but then I realised that it’s an essential part of growing and developing as a blogger. I think it has made me more knowledgable and well-rounded as a blogger and I think it’s good for new bloggers to experiment with different platforms in order to find their perfect fit.


What are your hopes for Center Sage in the future?
Center Sage is still just a baby, but I hope that it will continue to grow and evolve as I grow and evolve. Ultimately, I want Center Sage to be a personal body of work that I can be really proud of. I want it to always accurately represent who I am as a person and what I believe in.
I don’t know if blogging will ever make me money, but it has certainly opened my eyes to a world of opportunity that I never knew existed. Center Sage is a true extension of myself and if it does ever lead me to a career that would be great, but that’s certainly not my main or my only motive. I feel like blogging helps me put everything into perspective. It forces me to be more in tune with myself and the world around me. Blogging excites me. It allows me to connect with people from all around the world and the experience things that I wouldn’t have access to. I really cherish the relationships I have formed and my blog is really precious to me. If I was told today that I would never make any money from my blog, I would go home and start working on my next post.


What do you like and dislike most about the blogging community?
My favourite thing about the blogging community is the people! I am constantly inspired, motivated and totally blown away by the people I have met through blogging and the meaningful relationships that I have formed. I have yet to experience any negativity firsthand in blogging, but I do know that it exists. I guess that would be the part that I dislike the most. I think that it’s an unnecessary ugly and I simply choose to not participate in it. I’m so proud to be part of such an incredibly supportive community and I just don’t have time for any negative nonsense.


Do you find your personal style has changed through blogging?
Blogging has most definitely inspired me to become more confident and fearless in the way I dress. I wouldn’t say that my overall style aesthetic has changed, but now thanks to blogging, I finally have the confidence to own my style. In the past I would shy away from standing out of the crowd, but now I thrive off of looking different from the bunch. It has completely changed me! I feel like I have a better grasp on my own self identity and I have all of my amazingly individual fellow bloggers to thank for that.



How do you usually come up with a blog post idea? Do you have a routine to blogging?
I’ve been meaning to get into a blogging routine for ages now but when it comes down to it, I just blog whenever I have the time. Between school and work my days are all over the place so a set schedule just isn’t in the books for me right now. As far as coming up with posts, I usually just see how my day plays out. It’s not very often that I plan a post in advance and I like it that way. It forces me to live in the moment. You never know when inspiration might strike! I could never plan an outfit the day before because chances are I would wake up in the morning and not feeling that look. I’m a bit sporadic!



About You

Did you have a childhood nickname?
I had so many childhood nicknames. My parents still call me Sally. The name came from a book my Dad used to read to me when I was a little girl and it just stuck. I’ve also been called Brooker-T after the boxer Booker-T. I still have no idea why ;) Another favourite of mine was Brookie my cookie and more recently my friends have taken to calling me Brooklyn.


Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time and haven’t yet?
My boyfriend and I are total road trippers and we’ve been planning our ultimate road trop for 3 years now. This summer we are finally going for it! We are starting off by driving to Vancouver and then traveling down the coastline to Los Angeles. Where we will go after that, nobody knows! I like the spontaneity that not having a set schedule or plan allows for.


What do you think is the single best decision you’ve made in life so far?
I think the best decision I ever made was the decision to take a year off after my first year of University to nanny in England and spend some time travelling by myself. It forced me outside of my comfort zone and I learned so much about myself along the way. I really cherish that year and consider it one of the major turning points in my life.


Aside from blogging, what else do you do in your spare time?
I’m an avid yogini. It slows me down and reminds me what’s important in life. It makes me want to be a better person and gives me patience. I also enjoy cooking and baking and have more recently started experimenting with both vegan and vegetarian recipes. Besides that, I love music, travel, wining, dining, competitive card games, exploring, being outside with nature and enjoying the company of friends and family.




Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Band: I go through phases but right now I’m hung up on The Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries
Colour: I’m all about neutrals but can’t deny my attraction to purple and green hues
Season: Right now I’m desperate for Summer but overall I would have to say Autumn
Meal: Pasta or Pizza. I love carbs!
Drink: A nice white wine
TV Show: My boyfriend and I spend hours watching home renovation shows and the Food Network
Accessory: Confidence
Ice Cream Flavour: Tiger
Smell: Campfires. They remind me of camping, the lake and perfect Summer nights.
Flower: Any type of lily



Obviously Brooke is way more stunning than I could ever depict her! I must admit, this was the most challenging of drawings I have done so far, simply because I found it so hard to capture her beauty! I hope I at least managed to capture a small essence of her.I think I raise the bar so high each time for myself, it gets higher with every drawing I do and I’m constantly improving that I’m a bit hard on myself sometimes. I really love how it came out though, and I hope Brooke does too! :)



Happy Friday Everyone!!

Lots of Love

26 Responses to “Friend Friday: Center Sage”
  1. brookemeagan says:

    Gah Meg!! I LOVE IT!!! I still can’t even believe you illustrated me. I’m honoured beyond words. The detail in your work is amazing. I can’t believe you took the time to create this image of me. It just blows my mind. And what you wrote about me is just the sweetest thing. Thanks a million Meg. This is something I will keep and cherish forever. I can’t wait to show everyone!! This means so much to me. Happy Friday!! xoxo

    • thejerseygem says:

      Aww i know I’ve said this before but you are welcome hun!! :) I was so thrilled that you liked it!!
      I can’t wait to see it in your office space, how exciting!! much love xoxo

  2. Aw, it’s Brooke! Another stunner, Meg! Such a good choice. Brooke is a doll, just like you.


  3. SACRAMENTO says:

    Thank you Meg for sharing.
    Mil besos guapa.

  4. MelRod says:

    Wow you are truly talented my dear!! I love your work! Love Brooke. She looks adorbs!!


  5. Harriet says:

    Such a beautiful illustration, and Brooke sounds beautiful too! It’s so interesting reading how important personal style is to bloggers, even those whose blogs are not conventional ‘fashion’ blogs.

    • thejerseygem says:

      Hi Harriet! Thanks hun I’m glad you like it! Brooke is such a wonderful blogger, so genuine! And I find it interesting too, personal style has always been an important part of society, I think it’s intensified by having bloggers on the scene though! :)

  6. Leia says:

    Brooke is sensational! She’s one of my absolute favorite bloggers and I really loved reading more about her. The interview questions were so original and interesting! And you are an extremely talented artist, I think you captured her essence beautifully.

    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks Leia! I’m glad you got to learn more about Brooke through the interview :) I am so glad I decided to interview her, I love getting to know more about someone and I think it definitely helps me as an artist trying to portray them if I know what they are about! :) xoxo

  7. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Once again, Meg, I’m blown away by your talent and detail — both in the drawing and interview. I totally see you having your own column in a magazine in which you interview someone and draw them! It’d be a sensation.

    And I love Brooke, of course — who couldn’t!? She’s hardworking but at the same time so laid-back! Maybe I should start doing yoga!!! ;)

    • thejerseygem says:

      Wow that is an awesome idea hehe I wish I could have a column in a magazine!! ;D
      Definitely agree with you about Brooke, she is so chilled and focused, makes me want to start yoga too….i might just start with the wii though :P haha
      Thanks for your amazing comment Steph, cheered me up so much! :)

  8. kristy says:

    i think you did an amazing job Meg! i just saw this over on center sage and i was so excited. i love the questions you asked as well, it’s always a pleasure getting to know brooke a bit better. =)

    i know i say this so often but you are so talented!!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  9. Bella Q says:

    I scooted over from Center Sage too, absolutely mesmerized by your portrait of Brooke. She is such a true beauty in every aspect, and you’ve done such a great job, both in the illustration and interview. Who was it that said you could totally be writing a column – Steph I think- I second that! Great, lovely, wonderful job.

    • thejerseygem says:

      Oh absolutely agree with you, she is a true beauty inside AND out for sure!!! :)
      And as for the coloumnist comment…that would be a totally awesome job, I would LOVE that!! hehe thank you Bella! Will be in touch sometime to interview you ;D xoxo

  10. Anika says:

    Sweetheart, this is wonderful! I think you did such amazing work with Brookes picture! I love getting to know her more, you are both smashing! Thank you for sharing! <3 Anika

  11. Clare Astra says:

    awesome! you are sooo good! i just love seeing your work! i cant get enough!! xoxo

  12. You are seriously talented, lovely lady!! You did an excellent job on Brooke!! I really enjoyed reading your interview and getting to know her better. I love this post! :)

  13. Such a beautiful illustration to accompany such a wonderful interview. Brooke seems to have a really great attitude and head on her shoulders. I’m also a bit partial as a fellow Canadian :) I think you improve with every illustration which is why you raise the bar higher, to keep yourself challenged. I know it seems impossible to not get down on yourself but know that you have no reason too. You are learning and growing so much Meg. Just think where you will be a year from now…wow!!

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