Monday Morning Inspiration: Center Sage Progression

So today I haven’t got a regular inspiration post, but I finished editing a video of Brooke’s illustration last night so I thought I would post that instead! :)


The song is so pretty, it’s called “”Where The Road Meets The Sun” by Matthew Perryman Jones and Katie Herzig. I’ve used a couple of her songs for my videos, I’m just such a fan of her music!

I Hope you have a great day/week!
I’m currently busy working on a custom illustration this week, so very exciting! I’m also doing office work from home for my mum’s business so I will probably get distracted and visit more blogs ;)


Lots of Love

11 Responses to “Monday Morning Inspiration: Center Sage Progression”
  1. SACRAMENTO says:

    Always sooooooooooooo proud of you my dear Meg!!!!

  2. MEG! this is amazing. You are so awesome!!

    A Tout le Monde:

  3. brookemeagan says:

    This is so cool! I always love your progression videos. You can really see all the fine details and what a labour of love all of your illustrations are. It’s amazing to watch something come together right before your eyes. I wouldn’t even know where to start ha! The song you chose is so beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this Meg!! xoxo

    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks Brooke!! I am really glad you enjoyed the video! one day I might share how I go about making them :)
      katie herzig is such an amazing artist, I love her music!! I think it goes well with my drawings xoxo

  4. Gorgeous :) and yes this song is also a beauty! Boo for office work though x

    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks hun! The song is one of my favourites at the moment, listening to it on repeat :)
      I know, office work is so sucky, it takes wayyyy too long for my liking! but shall be over by the weekend!

  5. Anika says:

    I LOVE that you show us these vids! I simply adore your blog, I am always enjoying myself so here at yours :) sending you big hugs as I am humming along to the wonderful music :)

    xx Anika

  6. Every time i see one of these videos I always end up with my mouth agape and in complete awe of your talent. It is so remarkable to see the progression of your illustrations – thank you so much for putting these together and sharing them with us. Brooke is such a beauty and you captured it perfectly!

  7. Bella Q says:

    I can appreciate this videos all the more, as you share all the labor intensive work you put into your illustrations, and that makes me feel good, because the end product looks so effortless. What a gift you have, and I am glad you choose to share it with us! xo. -Bella Q
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