Morroccan Dreams: Gucci Spring 2011


I have  never been to Marrakech but this is my interpretation.





Okay, so I never imagined I would post an unfinished illustration but I was just getting too frustrated not to. I feel like I’ve been doing too many non-fashion, non-art related posts lately and needed to inject the blog with some new drawings! The reason it’s unfinished is mainly because I’ve “misplaced” my graphics tablet pen. Stupid, I know, this is probably a sign that I need to do more traditional drawings though and probably will now that it’s spring and I can sit out in the sunshine!

I was really excited when I started this illustration about a month ago because I hadn’t properly illustrated fashion within a setting and when I saw this look from Gucci’s Spring 2011 Collection I knew it would be a great way of incorporating a bit of life and oomph into my illustrations!

I started off by drawing my favourite look, I think it has the perfect blend of colours and accessories (I added the turban for that extra tropical touch!). I personally would have loved to have seen them expand a little more with the brights before going into neutrals and black looks in the collection. I find neutrals terribly insipid, after seeing them year after year I think it’s becoming a bit overdone, so it was a little shame that only 11 out of the 44 looks had any bold colour at all. In my opinion it would have been even more fabulous if the whole collection was as bright and bold as the first 8 looks!





I then went looking for inspirational images to come up with a set idea around the model. I found a photo of a moroccan doorway with a beautiful mosaic and intricate pattern details on the wall, which I thought would be a great accent against the clothing. The next image to stand out at me was the beautiful moroccan sunset, with pinks and purples in the sky, mountains, tropical trees and an authentic moroccan house, which I thought would work beautifully against the rich colours of the outfit.

The flower pot was the next feature. I needed something in the foreground to balance everything out and create more depth. I tried a few different styles, but this one seemed to work well with the proportions of the overall piece and I thought the rich blue worked well with the other colours used in the illustration. The camel was a cheeky touch! I also thought it needed a little something extra in the distance! You might have seen Clive the Camel on my twitter feed a while back! :o)

When I eventually find my pen I’ll go into more detail in the archway and neaten up a few more things! Not much, so I thought it wasn’t too bad to post! I hope you like it!



Lots of Love


19 Responses to “Morroccan Dreams: Gucci Spring 2011”
  1. Al says:

    I am TOTALLY in love with your illustration!!
    I really like the proportions and shapes you use and how you “blend” colors. And I also like your explanation of the drawing, I always like to know the inspiration behind things.
    How is working with the graphic tablet? I wanted to buy one but it scares me a bit, I don’t know why…

    Again, gorgeous post!


    -The Red Dot-

    • thejerseygem says:

      Aw thanks Al!! :) I would definitely recommend a graphics tablet! I’ve only been using mine for nearly a year now and it just opens up a new world of possibilities for art! Make sure you keep the pen safe though :P I’ve lost mine at the moment! It takes a lot of getting used to, my first couple of tries were rubbish, but like everything you work it out in the end and find your own way of using it! :)
      I really recommend Wacom, they have the best range! Hope that helps!

  2. Of course I LOVE this set of illustrations! And coincidentally, in my current post, I’m rockin’ the double-Gs. Must be Gucci in the air or something!


    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks V! There must be Gucci in the air, or maybe because Spring is here we are all feeling glam! :)
      Thanks for sharing my post on twitter<3
      I'm gonna pop over soon and check out your Gucci! :)

  3. designedbyann says:

    I found your blog via Grit&Glamour twitter! this is a beautifull illustration!!
    I like the details of the Moroccan wall and the balcony!! (no, I didn’t ignore the girl, but I am more of a patterns girl)


    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks Anna! :)
      I saw your tweet! You are so kind!
      Haha that’s why I chose morroco, they have THE most amazing patterns to draw inspiration from!! Patterns are my favourite thing too!!! :)

  4. SACRAMENTO says:

    Absolutely stunning, Meg. I am soooooooooooo glad that you have gone back to your art.
    You are so good.

  5. Clare Astra says:

    gorgeous! love the colours and tones xx

  6. Lovely! I’m getting better at Photoshop, but I still wouldn’t tackle a whole environment. Good job. Hope you find your stylus soon. I’d freak if I lost mine.


  7. You are so talented, I can’t get over it. Your illustrations are stunning. The photos are gorgeous, all of their skin looks amazing.

  8. kristy says:

    OMG GIRL!!!! i LOVE that illustration even if it is unfinished. it’s absolutely breathtaking. you rock so hard!!

    • thejerseygem says:

      Aw thanks kristy!! :) sorry for the late reply, I haven’t checked my blog in so long, sad times :(
      I’m so glad you liked this one!! Good news, I found my graphics pen, so maybe I’ll try to finish this piece, but not before I do something new for my blog!! :)

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