Get The Look For Less: DVF Spring 2011

• Blue Pleated Silk-Crepe Harem Pants  (or ASOS sell more affordable versions herehere and here) • Black/Blue Geometric Tunic  • Unique at Topshop Round Vintage Style Sunglasses  •  Metallic and Velveteen Stilettos  • Gold, Black & White Large Enamelled Tribal Cuff  • Black Plait Tassel Belt •

Curved Horn Necklace • Aztec Swing Vest • Fuchsia Agate Ring • Rope & Chain Bracelet • Black Suede Tassel Belt • White Denim Hotpant • Suede Rope Platform Sandals •

Remember my DVF Spring 2011 Illustration? Well, whilst browsing the high-street retailers online a month or two ago I noticed the above tunic and vest which beared an uncanny resemblance to that particular look I drew! I also noticed at Topshop they were creating similar sunglasses too, so another Get The Look was in order! I originally created this look when I posted Get The Look: Gucci Spring 2011, so I’ve been sitting on it for quite a while and am finally getting round to posting it, so sorry if some of the items are now sold out!

I think these types of posts are really fun to make, and if you’re someone like me with not much cash to splash then it’s a great way of translating the catwalk trends into your own wardrobe!

Diane Von Furstenburg was going for a 70’s retro goddess vibe this spring, but to me the DVF show had almost an egyptian or aztec feel from some of the prints to the rope belts and heels, which I’m sure she must have sprung inspiration from. The egyptian era is also one of my favourite topics at Primary School. In the past I’ve designed a few things inspired by that era just for fun so I might have to redraw them into proper illustrations sometime and show you! :)

I hope you like the outfits!

Lots of Love

P.S.  Today (9th May) is Liberation Day in Jersey. 66 Years ago today my little island was liberated from Nazi German Occupation. I am so glad that I live in the island as it is now and am forever grateful to my ancestors (and every soldier) who fought in the War for the freedom I have here today!

4 Responses to “Get The Look For Less: DVF Spring 2011”
  1. I’m CRAZY for DVF’s spring 2011 collection, actually just ordered a tassel belt! I love this! I could look at your work all day. It just makes me happy.

    • thejerseygem says:

      Me too!! I am such a DVF girl! ;)
      OMG just saw your amazing new tassel belt on twitter…..It’s so gorgeous!! How FREEKY that I just did this post, ha we are so on the same wave length!!

  2. Your fashion illustrations are getting really good! That last one was fabulous. I can’t wait to see more.

    (Well I can actually. Don’t want to make you stress! I know how much work goes into original artwork.)


    • thejerseygem says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment heather, I really appreciate that! :) I’m so glad that you can see improvement in my work, because I’m constantly trying to better my skills!
      Work is started to ease a little again so I now have time again to do my illustrations…yay! The one i’m working on at the moment I’m really enjoying, I think it could be my best yet!

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