Alice + Olivia Resort 2012

This collection perfectly encapsulates my summer style. Alice + Olivia have a retro 60’s vibe with accessories but there is still something really fresh about their clothes too. I love that every time I look at their collection, I smile.
Whoever chose to photograph the collection with coloured backgrounds is a frickin’ GENIUS, I love it. so.much.

Months ago, before I drew this illustration or this collection was even released, I had actually started to work on several portraits with different coloured backgrounds. So now I’m pumped up to finish those soon!

And if you haven’t seen their Spring 2011 collection, I found a lovely artsy video of it …
Simply put, I.LOVE.THEM.

Lots of Love
8 Responses to “Alice + Olivia Resort 2012”
  1. kristy says:

    i’m so obsessed with this collection! it makes me happy you chose to draw one of the looks!! i have seriously been considering getting some of the stuff. so pretty. those hats!! ah i love them!! your drawing is amazing (as they always are) but i totally get why youre loving the colorful backgrounds. they are so fun!

    • thejerseygem says:

      thanks kristy!!! omg if you have the chance to buy something of their collection you must! i can totally see you their stuff! and would be so great to see how you can incorporate that into your style! :)
      oh i know, the hats are faaabulous! i recently bought a big ass floppy hat like the 3rd down on the left, it’s so gorgeous!

  2. Leia says:

    Incredible collection! I just love Alice & Olivia!

  3. Such a fun collection! And of course, I love your illustration!


  4. This is a brilliant collection & what a fantastic interpretation! I love your drawing. :)

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