Monday Morning Inspiration: Home Is Where The Heart Is

I’m back with another Monday Morning Inspiration and today I wanted to share some photos of places around Jersey that inspire me. It’s Spring now, so the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are ready to bloom and everything just seems much happier and brighter. No matter how much I get frustrated … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Me, Myself & I

I’m taking a break from drawing at the moment, I’ve done quite a lot of it recently and need time to focus on my personal life. Things have been super stressful at home lately and will continue to be for the next month or so unfortunately until certain issues are worked out. So anyway, this … Continue reading

Friend Friday: Superman

As you may have heard, the next actor to star as the infamous Superman, is Henry Cavill. What you may not know (if you haven’t already Wikipedia’d or IMDb’d him yet) is that he is actually a Jerseyman. Yes, born and raised on the very same island that I come from. In fact, my mum was … Continue reading

Mama, I love you

Today is my Mum’s birthday. I took these photos last summer using my SLR camera. The first one I shot when we went for a walk round the scenic Queen’s Valley Reservoir across from our house and the second is along the Marina by the historic Mont Orgueil Castle (said Mont Or-guy). Shame I didn’t … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

This year, like my horoscope had said, was very much a small affair about the family. I convinced my brother to have Christmas at his new place this year for a change of scenery. On Christmas morning we packed everything up in the car and unloaded our supplies at his place in military precision (or … Continue reading

Sunday Treats: Christmas Delights

Just a few photos of scrumptious goodies I made this week. The Christmas cupcakes were for a children’s party :) I still cannot believe that it is the last Sunday before the big C! This will probably be my last post before Christmas as I will be busy with baking for the shop! Although I … Continue reading

Sunday Treats

This Sunday I have a few updates and some scrumptious treats for your lovely eyes! As I had said in this previous post, I am working with my best friend to create a website for the cafe! I am so excited to start because the ideas floating around at the moment are amazing! Her vision … Continue reading


Today, it’s Remembrance Sunday in the UK. I thought I would pay respect for those who fought and still fight for their country in wars all over the world. I know it’s just a drawing and won’t ever match up to their courage and all they have sacrificed, but it’s something to show my appreciation. … Continue reading