♥Fabulous Features♥

Just a few links from some very lovely bloggers who have featured me, mentioned and said some very kind things about me or my blog. I feel extremely blessed and appreciate every little thing, thank you<3



Grit & Glamour

August 31st 2010: Illustration in V, Paper Doll Edition

October 3rd 2010: Illustration in Sunday Coffee: Etro, Art, and Appearex

December 16th 2010: Illustration/Blog Badge Join #TEAMKRISTY DAY on December 22!

December 20th 2010: Mentioned in 12 Days of Christmas…to a Better Blog in 2011

December 23rd 2010: Mentioned in G&G Blogger of the Year, MVB, MIB…and more!


Style of a Fashionista

October 4th 2010: Illustration in Thank you Meg x




Where is Harriet?

December 12th: Illustration in Lazy Sunday Links




Kristy’s Full Time Fabulous Sunglass Hut Blog

December 10th 2010: Illustrations in Feature Friday!

December 19th 2010: Illustration and Blog Badge in #teamkristy day, little reminders & big thankyous.




Mis Papelicos

December 22nd 2010: Illustration in A Merry, Merry Christmas




February 6th 2011: Illustrations in The Jersey Gem



Sabina Supernova

February 12th 2011: Interview and Illustrations in The Jersey Gem





If you have featured/mentioned me and I haven’t credited you, please let me know! :)





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